Stop shuffling paper with paperless tax returns

Xero Tax with e-sign by Adobe Sign is a simple, easy, and legal way for clients to electronically sign their tax return declarations. Your clients sign declarations online without the hassle of printing, signing and sending.

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Compliant & secure e-signatures for tax return declarations

Xero Tax with e-sign lets clients simply and securely sign their tax return declarations and BAS – without any paperwork changing hands.

Improve efficiency

No need to print, sign, send, and file declarations. Your client just logs in and adds their e-signature – saving your time and theirs.

Best-in-class provider

With over 40 million users of e-sign services, Adobe Sign is a global leader in e-signature and cloud document storage.

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Safer than your filing cabinet

Adobe Sign securely stores the signed tax return and the e-sign audit trail. Access a copy from Xero Tax anytime.

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Compliant with legislation

E-sign signatures are compliant with legislation, so you can lodge a tax return online without using a single piece of paper.

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Track who's signing

All signing events are tracked and IP addresses recorded in a detailed audit log. Verify who's signing with their email ID.

Nothing new to install

E-sign works seamlessly within Xero Tax, so there's nothing to install and your clients can access it from anywhere.

Whether you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, you'll be able to upload any PDF to create your own document pack!

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Frequently asked questions

Is this safe?

Adobe Sign e-sign services comply with industry-accepted standards and certifications. Adobe Sign stores all customer data in geographically dispersed data centers with state-of-the-art environmental and data security measures. Read more about Adobe Sign security.

Xero has spent the last year working with leading technology providers, professional bodies, insurers and government agencies to deliver a world class solution for registered tax agents.


What documents can I use e-sign with?

E-sign can be used for all income tax declarations, activity statements and GST returns prepared within Xero Tax and Xero Practice Manager.



Go to Xero Central for support articles on e-sign or to get in touch.