When sorting their payroll becomes stress-free

Getting clients set up and compliant with Single Touch Payroll is easier than ever with Xero Payroll.


Preparing your clients for Single Touch Payroll

From webinars to playbooks, we’ve gathered all the information you need to help your clients become Single Touch Payoll compliant.

help clients with single touch payroll

Help your clients move off desktop and onto the cloud

Help your clients ditch specified MYOB or Reckon desktop accounting products for good.

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profit from payroll

How to profit from payroll services

Enhance the services you offer your clients by showing the power of cloud accounting and start increasing your revenue.

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marketing payroll

Marketing payroll services to your clients

Learn how you can you market payroll services to your clients and increase your revenue at the same time.

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single touch payroll project plan

Start building out your Single Touch Payroll project plan

Download our STP ready tool for your practice so you can start enabling Single Touch Payroll for your clients.

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Events are a great way to build stronger relationships 

Launch our Run a client event course and learn how you can grow your clients on Xero.

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Moving your clients to Single Touch Payroll

Launch our Single Touch Payroll course and learn how you can start migrating your clients to STP.

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A playbook to get your practice and clients ready for Single Touch Payroll

All you need to know about communicating Single Touch Payroll with your team and clients.

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STP- woma

Your top queries on Single Touch Payroll as an advisor answered

Learn what the changes in legislation mean for you as an advisor, and what you need to be doing to enable STP for your clients.

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Practice-perfect benefits to help you thrive


The seconds add up. Xero lets you import bank statements and reconcile accounts in a couple of clicks – it means you can make every minute more valuable.


Xero helps you automate processes and build a streamlined practice-wide workflow. Let Xero Cashbook and Ledger do the legwork while you focus on adding value.


Say goodbye to broken formulas. Xero Cashbook and Ledger give you accurate figures and effortless reconciliation. It’s data you can trust. And clients love it too.


Xero's Payroll Cashbook plan includes all of the features of GST Cashbook plus payroll for 1-4 employees. Developed to ensure you can upgrade clients easily to the STP-compliant version.

Get your Single Touch Payroll advisory badge

If you want your clients to know your practice is STP ready, then now’s a great time to complete our advisor certification, STP and payroll certification courses.

Free online support 24/7

Xero Central is the place to go when you're looking for help or support. You'll find how-to steps, trouble-shooting articles, explanations of Xero features and practical tips, as well as discussions and advice shared by other users. You can also go there to get in touch with the support team.

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