Single Touch Payroll compliance made simple

Single Touch Payroll is a new way of reporting your employee salaries, wages, PAYG withholdings and superannuation to the ATO and getting started with Xero is easy.

Get STP compliant
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What is Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll is a new way of reporting payroll information to the Australian Tax Office. Businesses used to report this information to the ATO once a year.

Now, they need to send a report after each pay day. And those reports must be submitted using a solution that is Single Touch Payroll compliant, such as payroll or accounting software.

With Single Touch Payroll, the payment summary annual report and the payment summary will go away.


We've got plans to suit your Single Touch Payroll needs

Single Touch Payroll- pricing plans
Need a low cost solution and have 1-4 employees?

Xero's Payroll Only plan is for you.

Single Touch Payroll- pricing plans
Have more than 5 employees or looking for more features?

Depending on the number of staff you have, Xero's Premium plans are for you.

When do I need to be Single Touch Payroll compliant?

It's now mandatory for all employers in Australia to adopt a Single Touch Payroll compliant software solution.

Employers with 1-19 employees

will need to start reporting through Single Touch Payroll from July 1 2019.

Employers with 20 or more employees

will already be reporting through Single Touch Payroll.

How do I become Single Touch Payroll Compliant?

 Xero is Single Touch Payroll ready so don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted for you. We work out what payroll information needs to be filed, and send it securely through to the ATO for you. Here's how you can get started.


Work out how you will start reporting

You can report your Single Touch Payroll through a payroll or accounting software, a registered tax or BAS agent who reports on your behalf or a low cost STP solution.


Set up your payroll

Before you can file your payroll to the ATO, you'll first need to set up your payroll system.


Enable Single Touch Payroll

To be compliant with the ATO's requirements, you'll need to connect your Xero account to the ATO's portal.

If  you're not currently using any payroll or accounting software, our payroll digitisation playbook can help you understand what's involved and how to choose what software you need.

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