EOFY for Accountants and Bookkeepers

During this challenging time, you’ve likely never been busier. But while the impacts of COVID-19 continue to be felt, the requirement of year-end remains. And, as always, when it comes to tax time, it pays to be organised.

Our handy resources will help you tick off key dates and milestones and are designed to help you and your clients prepare. Keep checking back for webinars, self-paced courses and checklists all in the one place.

Get your year-end sorted with Xero

The ATO has extended some lodgement and payment dates due to the impact that the coronavirus and the summer bushfires have had on key deadlines for EOFY. 

Please check out our Key EOFY dates resource for more detailed information.

Make sure to lodge and pay your April 2020 monthly business activity statement.

Now’s the time to lodge and pay eligible quarter 3, 2019–20 activity statements, especially if you’ve elected to receive and lodge electronically.

Today’s the day you need to finalise JobKeeper enrolment for your eligible businesses in April and May.

There’s a lot going on - first and foremost you need to Lodge your tax return today. There’s a bit involved, so check out the specifics for your business by heading to this link.

Time to lodge and pay your May 2020 monthly business activity statement.

Your super guarantee contributions must be received by this date to qualify for a tax deduction in the 2019–20 financial year.

Sorting your year-end payroll with Xero

Find how to videos, articles and a series of helpful webinars, covering topics like Single Touch Payroll and how to complete your STP Finalisation in Xero. We’ll also cover how to check that your payroll reports reconcile and if you find a mistake on your employee’s end of year summary, we can guide you through the steps to getting that fixed too.


Making tax time simple

We’ve collated our best practice tips for lodging individual and company tax returns, Business Activity Statements (BAS) and using Xero Tax worksheets, as well as how to finalise Document Packs to easily meet those lodgement dates. Come along, learn, and discover what works best for you to streamline your workflow for tax time.


Best practices for processing EOFY

Check out our handy tips for preparing financial statements and processing EOFY for Xero’s business edition. We’ll also take you through the latest features like Ask in Xero HQ and Document Packs to help you create a more efficient end to end process.

EOFY processing

Staying across important JobKeeper updates in Xero

Keeping up to date with the latest product updates and information available around JobKeeper payments is made easier with our one-page summary. Here you’ll find everything you need for Xero and JobKeeper, so make sure to give it a look.

Don't forget to check out our resource page we've created inside Xero that details payroll support during COVID-19.

Check out the full list of key dates by the ATO on JobKeeper here.


Report your finances effortlessly

Our report templates have been updated for 2020! Familiarise yourself with the latest updates and learn the fastest ways to edit a management report from Xero HQ into Xero. You’ll be able to easily tailor these reports as needed to suit your practice.

EOFY reporting

Move to the cloud with Xero’s practice tools

Now, more than ever, you need the best tools and processes for working remotely and in the cloud - and Xero’s got you covered. Check out our handy flip resources that will help you with getting started, and then register for one of our webinars showcasing Xero Practice Manager and its workflows. 

EOFY practice tools

Migrating your clients to Xero

Learn to migrate your clients to Xero more effectively. Find different techniques and make use of available tools that make the move easier.

EOFY migrating clients to Xero

Supporting your wellbeing

EOFY is a busy time for all and in these unprecedented times it’s more important than ever to make sure you are looking after your own wellbeing. We’ve got resources to help you look after yourself and your staff, as well as a guide that covers off how you can support your small business clients.

EOFY soft skills

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Xero Hour is a space for our partners to come face to face online – wherever you may be. We’ll connect together for a curated meeting of minds and sharing of ideas.

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Your top FAQs on Xero Payroll

We’ve taken the top questions our support team received during EOFY and compiled them all here for you to help you with your workflow.

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