E-invoicing in Xero – the new way to send and receive invoices

Xero is one of the first major providers of small business accounting software to offer e-invoicing in Australia. Our new e-invoicing feature allows you to create, send and receive electronic invoices to your business or government customers with the click of a button.

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So, what is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is a way for businesses to electronically exchange invoices between accounting software systems, without manual data entry. 



Why is it being introduced?

With the introduction of e-invoicing, businesses will no longer need to generate PDF or paper invoices.


How does it work?

Once connected to the same e-invoicing network (Peppol), you can start using accounting software like Xero to send and receive e-invoices.

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Get your business ready for e-invoicing in Xero

Getting started with e-invoicing in Xero is simple – read the articles below to find out more:

How to start

While you don’t need to register to send e-invoices from Xero, you’ll need to update a few details before you begin.

Send e-invoices
How to start

A quick and easy one time registration is required to make sure your incoming e-invoices are delivered in Xero.

Register to receive

Once you have successfully registered, all of your incoming e-invoices will sit as a draft bill ready to be approved and paid in Xero.

Receive e-invoices

Benefits of e-invoicing in Xero

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from the efficiencies of sending and receiving e-invoices in Xero, so if you’re ready to go, then you’ll reap the reward earlier.


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Greater accuracy

A direct exchange between accounting software means less manual handling for incoming e-invoices, reducing the risk of errors.

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More efficient

E-invoicing takes the admin out of invoicing and paying bills by removing the need to email PDFs invoices or links.

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Safe and secure

E-invoices are exchanged through a secure e-invoicing network with no human intervention, reducing the risk of interception and fraud.

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E-invoicing adoption starts at the top

Learn why we're working with the government to support faster payments for our customers and small businesses in Australia.

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What e-invoicing means for your business

Download our infographic to understand the benefits e-invoicing can have on your business and how to get started in Xero.

E-invoicing can help manage cash flow

According to government statistics, small businesses in AU are collectively owed $26 billion in unpaid invoices at any one time. 

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Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about e-invoicing in Xero?

E-invoicing FAQs