E-invoicing in Xero – the new way to send invoices

Xero is the first major provider of small business accounting software to offer the ability to send e-invoices in Australia and New Zealand. Our new send feature allows you to easily create and send electronic invoices to your business or government customers with the click of a button – opening the door to more business opportunities.

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What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is a way to seamlessly & electronically exchange invoices between software systems. This means that unlike emailing a PDF or a link to an online invoice, e-invoices are sent securely from Xero and appear in your customer’s accounting software, ready to be approved and paid. Recipients no longer need to manually enter invoice details, which saves time and may contribute to faster payment and healthier cash flow.

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How does sending e-invoices in Xero work?

What is E-invoicing


The sender creates an e-invoice in Xero

What is E-invoicing


E-invoice is sent electronically via a secure network dedicated to e-invoicing

What is E-invoicing


Customer sees the invoice within their software system ready to be approved and paid

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Get your business set up for sending e-invoices in Xero

Sending e-invoices in Xero easy – just follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Update your organisation details with your ABN and if you have one, your branch number

Step 2: Update your customer's contact details with their ABN number

Step 3: Be sure that you’re using the new invoicing setting on your desktop in Xero as you can only send e-invoices from there

Step 4: If you’re an existing customer, log in to your account, or if you’re new to Xero start a free trial today

Tip: If you’re a government supplier, reach out to them directly to find out if they’re ready to receive e-invoices so you can benefit now from the government’s commitment to faster payment times

How to start

If you need more information on how to send invoices with e-invoicing, take a look at this Xero Central article.

The benefits of sending e-invoices in Xero

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from the efficiencies of sending e-invoices, so if you’re ready at the get-go, then you’ll reap the reward earlier.


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Quicker for everyone

E-invoices are almost instantly delivered into your customer’s software system, which eliminates the risk of your invoice getting lost or stuck in the in-tray waiting to be reviewed and paid.

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Highly secure

E-invoices in Xero are exchanged electronically via a secure network protected by encryption and strict protocols reducing the risk of interception and fraud.


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Bird’s-eye view of cash flow

Having all your incoming revenue in Xero gives you a bird’s-eye view of how your business is performing.

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Frequently asked questions

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