Reporting with Single Touch Payroll

Report payroll information to the ATO with Single Touch Payroll (STP) software each pay run.

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Single Touch Payroll explained

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a government initiative that requires businesses to report pay details to the ATO digitally.

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Online software required

Businesses must use STP software to comply with ATO Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 requirements.

Report every pay run

Xero compiles and sends an STP-compliant payroll report to the ATO each pay day.

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 is coming

Xero users have until 31 December 2022 to start reporting the additional information required for ATO STP Phase 2.

About Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

In STP Phase 2, employers are required to report additional information to the ATO on or before each payday.

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Set up STP with Xero to get started

To get set up for STP, prepare for online payroll in Xero, then connect your Xero account to the ATO portal.

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Send reports direct to the ATO

Generate and send reports showing employee PAYG withholdings and superannuation liabilities every pay run.

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More about Single Touch Payroll

The ATO has granted Xero a deferral on the start date for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2. Instead of reporting your first STP Phase 2 pay run on 1 January 2022, all businesses who use Xero Payroll have until 31 December 2022, giving you more time to transition payroll records.

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You don’t need to do anything yet, but you’ll be able to start the transition ahead of the deferred compliance date. We’ll be providing support through both Xero and educational resources to help you transition employee records for ATO STP Phase 2.

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The expansion of Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2) means some additional information will need to be reported. This includes income or payment type and the reason for any cessation of employment.

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Registered tax and BAS agents need to use Xero or other STP software for reporting if they process payroll or calculate pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and super for clients.

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After each pay run, once pay details from Xero have been reported to the ATO, employees can see up-to-date tax and super information in their ATO online services account. An income statement is also available there at the end of the financial year.

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