Reduce errors and delays with eInvoicing

Exchange eInvoices between the accounting software of businesses and government agencies for efficient, secure invoicing.

Instant invoicing.

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What eInvoicing is

eInvoicing is a government initiative designed to make exchanging invoices and doing business more efficient.

A small business owner checks their Xero account and uses their laptop to send an eInvoice.

eInvoicing uses the Peppol network

eInvoices are sent between accounting systems via Peppol’s secure global public network rather than email.

Government committed to eInvoicing

Some government agencies will pay eligible eInvoices within five days, or pay interest on any late payments.

Bills automatically prepopulated

eInvoicing does away with manual entry of bills, reduces errors and delays in getting paid, and lowers costs.

Free registration for eInvoicing

Register with the Peppol network from within Xero using your ABN to start receiving eInvoices.

eInvoicing for Xero businesses

Xero customers can send and receive eInvoices from Australian businesses that are registered for eInvoicing.

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The Bills screen in Xero shows a list of bills, including eInvoices received as draft bills ready to be approved and paid.

Government eInvoicing targets

All Australian Commonwealth agencies need to adopt eInvoicing by 1 July 2022.

Learn about the Australian government’s commitment to eInvoicing
Xero has eInvoicing built in, so you’re ready to send eInvoices to Commonwealth agencies.

More about eInvoicing

ATO in Australia, MBIE in New Zealand, and IMDA in Singapore have chosen Peppol as the network for eInvoicing. They’re at various stages of adopting eInvoicing as take up accelerates and is accepted as best practice around the world.

Search for registered businesses in the Peppol directory

According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), it costs businesses around $30 to process a paper invoice, $27 for an emailed PDF invoice, and under $10 to process an eInvoice due to the time saved by reducing manual handling.

Learn what the government says about the benefits of eInvoicing

eInvoicing is included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans; you don’t need to purchase any additional add-on or external service to use it. Registration is easy and can be completed in a few clicks.

Learn how eInvoicing works in Xero

Set up for eInvoicing with Xero

Get started in a few simple steps if you’re on a Xero Starter, Standard or Premium plan.

Register to receive eInvoices

Register with the Peppol network from within Xero using your ABN (Australian Business Number).

See how to register to receive eInvoices in Xero

Get ready to send eInvoices

Enter your ABN in Xero. Add your customer’s ABN and check they’re registered with the Peppol network.

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Watch for draft bills in Xero

Check regularly for eInvoices that have arrived in Xero as bills to pay. Then just approve and pay the bills.

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Try Xero free for 30 days

Access most Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business. Note: eInvoicing isn’t included in the trial.

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Preparing suppliers for eInvoicing

Use this communications toolkit to encourage your Xero suppliers to begin sending you eInvoices.

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