Best accounting software for Mac: Forbes

Try Xero, one of the best Mac accounting software solutions, and the best for multiple users according to Forbes in 2024. Xero is a Mac-friendly online accounting program with plans that will let your Australian small business add users at no extra charge as it grows.

An Apple Mac displays charts and tables in Xero’s accounting software

Cloud-based accounting software for Mac users

Xero is designed to work equally well across different operating systems and devices, including Mac and iOS.

Great for growing businesses with Mac users

Xero allows small to medium-sized Mac businesses to grow their team and capabilities without paying per user.

Free trial of Mac accounting software

Try Xero for free and experience powerful yet easy to use Mac accounting and bookkeeping software for Mac.

Moving from another Mac accounting solution

Bring your data with you when you switch to Xero from other Mac accounting software or spreadsheets.

Cloud-based accounting software for Mac users

Xero’s cloud-based software keeps your small business running smoothly, no matter whether your team members are Mac users, on Windows PCs or devices, or a mixture of the two.

  • Included
    Use Xero accounting software and the on any Mac computer, laptop, or mobile device
  • Included
    The Xero accounting app for Mac users works in conjunction with Xero’s accounting software on your computer
  • Included
    Access your data anywhere, anytime on your Mac laptop or iOS device
Xero accounting software for Mac being used on a laptop, and the mobile app on a phone.

Great for growing businesses on Mac

With Xero’s cloud-based accounting software for Mac, you can add users to complete most tasks without incurring extra charges. Just choose the pricing plan that’s right for your Australia small or medium-sized business at this stage of its growth.

  • Included
    Your pricing plan may have limits on the number of people you pay, and the number who claim expenses or track projects in a month
  • Included
    Invite your accountant and/or bookkeeper in to access your data and provide support and advice
  • Included
    Connect Xero to any of over 1000 apps
Xero’s accounting program for Mac users shown on iOS devices: a MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

Free trial of Mac accounting software

Xero’s accounting software for Mac users is a fully-featured, all-in-one bookkeeping and accounting solution designed for small businesses.

  • Included
    Automate everyday admin and bookkeeping tasks like invoicing
  • Included
    Easily keep your financial records tidy and up-to-date
  • Included
    Make end-of-year tax a breeze
Xero’s small business accounting program for Mac and PC displays on an iPad as two business owners discuss the finances.

Moving to Xero from another Mac accounting solution

You can feel confident switching to Xero, knowing it’s one of the best bookkeeping and accounting software programs for Apple Mac users.

  • Included
    Import data from another accounting program in bulk via CSV files
  • Included
    Import the chart of accounts, invoices, bills, contacts and fixed assets
  • Included
    It can be a good idea to work with a Australian bookkeeper or accountant with Xero experience when you make the move
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Two Mac users high-five after checking the month’s revenue on Xero.

Plans to suit your business


Usually $35

Now $3.50

AUD per month

Save $189 over 6 months


Usually $70

Now $7

AUD per month

Save $378 over 6 months


Usually $90

Now $9

AUD per month

Save $486 over 6 months

Usually $115

Now $11.50

AUD per month

Save $621 over 6 months

Start using Xero for free

Access Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

What to explore next

Xero’s easy-to-use features are designed to be the best for your small business. It’s accounting software with you in mind.

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