Roadshow In Review

Thanks for joining us at Roadshow 2020! Take everything that has inspired you over your Roadshow experience and get ready to put it into practice.


Your Roadshow in Review action plan

Download your PDF action plan for the key things to do back at the office. Print it out, share it with staff and start preparing for your connected journey. 

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Continue your learning online

A particular session catch your attention? Continue your learning with a range of both self-paced and live webinars.


Seeing the big picture of our practice products

Check out our practice product updates and new and improved ways to manage compliance and jobs within your practice.

Reviewers Guide to Xero 
All you need to know about the Xero platform and how it makes life better for people in small business, their advisors and communities around the world.

Introduction to Xero Tax - live demo
If you're a registered tax or BAS agent, Xero Tax is the perfect tool to prepare and lodge a range of tax forms. Learn how to import and filter clients, prepare returns, and streamline lodgement with Adobe e-sign.

What's new in HQ - live webinar
Take a look at some exciting new and upcoming releases in Xero HQ including COA templates, Docpacks and Payroll HQ. 

Harnessing Hubdoc and Xero as one

Explore the benefits of Xero and Hubdoc working as one, and the changes set to make the process more seamless still.

Partner guide to using Hubdoc
Check out this guide for tips and materials to help you get your clients up and running on Hubdoc.

Set up Hubdoc - online course
Complete the initial set up before you can start working with documents and posting to Xero.

Managing business transactions with Hubdoc and Xero - live webinar
Learn about the automation that can be achieved by using Xero and Hubdoc together. Understand the difference between Hubdoc, Xero Expenses and Files, and how you earn partner points.

Knowing your people inside out

Understand what it takes to attract and retain good talent including assessing and engaging new recruits to support your employees’ mental health and wellness.

Wellbeing - online course
Prioritise your and your clients' wellbeing and mental health with help from our online course and videos.

Leadership - videos
Being a good leader, attracting & retaining talent, leadership development.

Mastering communication - video
Effective communication in the workplace.

Growing your business - online course
Developing & promoting your business, advisory, marketing, strategy, using data and digital products.

Sustainable business - video
Take a look at sustainability in business and how to drive a successful business towards being green. 



Becoming the architect of your own platform

Add to your digital stack and service offering by exploring how you can connect cloud solutions and finweb features to answer specific customer needs and run a unique, integrated digital practice.

Offer app advisory services - online course
App advisory helps you to enhance your high-value advisory services to your clients. Whether you’re brand new to app advisory, or you’ve been doing it for a while, this course will help you maximise value for your clients and your practice.

App advisory: professional services - online course
Become an expert in providing app advice to professional service businesses using Xero. Complete the programme, add three or more professional services clients and attach one or more industry apps for the badge to display on your advisor directory.

App advisory: trade & construction - online course
Become an expert in providing app advice to trade and construction businesses using Xero. Complete the programme, add three or more trade and construction clients and attach one or more industry apps for the badge to display on your advisor directory.

App advisory: retail & e-commerce - online course
Deepen your industry knowledge and learn how to match the needs of your retail and e-commerce clients with the right app so they can optimise sales and operational performance in their business.

App Advisory: cash flow - online course
Learn how to provide cash flow app advisory services to grow a trusted advisor relationship with your clients, and increase revenue opportunities.

Xero Ecosystem Events
Bookmark this webpage to stay on top of upcoming Xero Ecosystem events. More events coming soon!


Knowing the tech to smooth small business pain points

Find out about the upcoming releases designed to help small businesses overcome compliance challenges, cash flow burdens and more.

Xero Expenses
Reduce the hidden costs of managing expenses for your clients.

Expense claims - online course
Xero Expenses lets employees capture receipts and submit claims for work expenses on iOS and Android mobile devices. Learn about the features and benefits of using Xero Expenses.

Xero Projects
Help your clients drive profitability and gain full visibility with Xero Projects.

Xero Projects - online course 
Create projects in Xero to track progress, time and overall profitability.

Accessing the insights making a difference

Stay on top of insights of note to small businesses and their advisors, so you and your practice can leave the Xero Roadshow set up for success. 

Xero Small Business Insights
Xero Small Business Insights is a snapshot of the sector’s health, updated monthly. The metrics are based on anonymised, aggregated data drawn from hundreds of thousands of our subscribers.

Open Banking - article
Read Deloitte's report to see how you can unlock the power of Open Banking.

STP Resource Hub
Check out our partner single touch payroll resources page for all your STP needs.

Partner Pages

Read stories from the Xero partner community for the Xero partner community.

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