Make sure your EOFY is in great shape

Stay tuned for our 2018 resources. 

2017 Webinars and helpful resources

Stay tuned for our 2018 resources. 

EOFY course for small business

This series of videos helps businesses get everything in line for a hassle-free year end. It also provides tips for collaborating with advisors so everyone has the right information at the right time.

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processing eofy for small businesses

Preparing for end of year payroll

Explore the processes and activities you'll need to be aware of when finalising end of year payroll and get answers to your EOFY Payroll questions. Understand the best practice process for finalising year end in payroll and learn how to do the tasks involved in EOFY payroll.

Also check out our guide on reviewing payroll transactions for EOFY.

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 EOFY payroll for small businesses

Switch to Xero for the new Financial Year

If you are looking to make the move to Xero, the start of the new Financial Year is the best time to start. You can try Xero before you subscribe, and this series will show you around. We'll cover some of the key ways Xero helps you manage your business finances, and how you can use it to collaborate with your colleagues and advisors to grow.

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switch to Xero for the new financial year

Demystifying the end of financial year

Financial year-end can be a stressful time for small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to get through it, and some tips on how to minimise the drama.

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choosing an accountant

Small Business Basics

If you've just started using Xero, let us show you where to start! This playlist will walk you through the basics, so you can start using Xero efficiently right away.

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Australian tax year with xero

Getting a tax refund

Getting a tax refund can make a big difference to you as a small business owner. Find out ways to maximise your chance of getting a tax refund and ways you can use your tax refund to boost your business this financial year. 

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tax refund with Xero

Monthly checklist for small business

Time flies when you're running your own business. Days can quickly turn into weeks as you focus on the day-to-day work. And sometimes you can work so hard it's easy to lose sight of the big picture. Our monthly checklist will ensure you keep your business on track.

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end of financial checklist for small business

Checklist for setting up small business payroll

Employing people means managing payroll. Luckily that doesn’t have to be difficult whether you do it in-house or outsource it. This checklist will help you efficiently set up the perfect payroll system for your business ready for end of financial year.

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new financial year payroll with Xero

Why you need to get an accountant in 2017

Owner-managed businesses often do their own accounting and bookkeeping to try and save money. When it backfires, they come to small-business specialist, Bob Stebbings. He explains why you need to get an accountant or bookkeeper, and how to get the best value out of using one.

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choosing an accountant

How to hire the right bookkeeper

Every business needs a bookkeeper. A good one will take care of the day-to-day accounting work and keep your business on track financially. But how do you hire the right bookkeeper?

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hiring a bookkeeper for eofy