Xero Cloud Jumpers

Xero Cloud Jumpers empowers advisors to make the leap to a whole new way of doing business in the cloud, inspiring clients to follow their lead.



We followed the journey of a Xero accounting partner as they supported a new client to take a jump into the cloud. We also learnt how a business make-over can set up a small business for success.

Make the leap to a whole new way of working

Help clients jump to the cloud

Know what it takes to set small business clients up with Xero. From moving to the cloud to customising invoices, bank feeds and payroll.

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Master the power of Xero

Master what it means to work together with your client. Maximise Xero automation and efficiency tools to leverage the power of the cloud.

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Prep for growth

Work on your business’ best practice and see the returns. Use Xero HQ to provide superior client services and learn the benefits of value-based pricing

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Become a growth consultant

Expand your offering and advise small business clients how to grow. Offer competitor analysis, leverage your clients’ data to identify viable opportunities, and implement the right apps.

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Grow clients in the cloud

Marketing in the cloud is an important part of every business. Advise your clients on the right mix of technological advancements and good old-fashioned service.

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Win a practice makeover with Xero

Win a beautiful makeover for your practice in the Xero Cloud Jumpers partner competition. Take the leap into the cloud, transform your practice with help from Xero experts, and get a new look for your office

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