Manage GST and lodge BAS easily

Xero calculates GST and speeds up preparing business activity statements. Submit your BAS to the ATO from Xero.

A breakdown of the transactions that make up the BAS totals on an activity statement, displayed on a tablet.

Prepare BAS effortlessly

GST is recorded and included in BAS automatically.

Manage GST transactions

View GST transaction details and make adjustments.

Connect to the ATO

Lodge BAS easily and securely direct to the ATO.

Prepare BAS effortlessly

Xero calculates GST as you go and prefills BAS, so preparing accurate business activity statements is easy.

  • Enter transaction amounts as either GST inclusive or exclusive
  • Xero automatically records GST on each transaction
  • Xero includes GST transactions in the BAS ready for review
A screen to lodge BAS to the ATO shows a summary of your goods and services tax and the amount you owe the tax office, plus the amount they owe you.

Manage GST transactions

Accurately track and manage GST in Xero.

  • See the individual transactions that make up the GST totals in your BAS
  • Make adjustments to GST being reported on in the BAS
A list of the GST  transactions that make up the GST  totals on an activity statement displays.

Connect to the ATO

Reduce errors, save double handling, and speed up lodging your BAS.

  • Submit BAS securely and directly from Xero to the ATO
  • Check whether you’ve filed BAS
  • Get your latest BAS due from the ATO into Xero
A user selects the ‘File now’ button to send a BAS  to the ATO from Xero.

More about GST

Default rates come with Xero for inventory items, contacts and accounts. You can also customise tax rates when you need to.

See how to add tax rates

Retain all finalised statements and returns in Xero as required by the ATO and so they're easy to look up. Once a BAS is lodged, lock the period to stop changes being made to transactions.

See more about lodging a finalised BAS

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Xero became a really critical tool for us as we took on more staff.

Kate uses Xero to run her business

Kate from Lune uses Xero to run her business