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Connect Xero to Procore for confidence in financial data and a convenient connection between finance and field teams

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Save time, time and time again

When you use Xero with Procore you can connect teams, automate data flow between systems and run projects more efficiently.

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    Say goodbye to manual data entry
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    Easy invoice administration reduces errors
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    Automate many financial tasks
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    Seamless communication between accounting and project management teams
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More informed decisions

With the Xero and Procore integration you can have confidence in your financial data and make the best in-the-field decisions.

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    One-click access to accurate job costing information on site
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    Procore controls what data is pushed into Xero
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    Work from anywhere with real-time data to keep business moving
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Have control of finances with Xero

Xero helps you stay in control of your finances, so you can focus on your construction projects.

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    See an up-to-date view of your finances in one place
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    Help cash flow stay healthy with easy online invoicing and faster payments
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    Pay employees and contractors the correct amount every time
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    Easily track employee and contractors expenses
A construction worker using Xero on their laptop with a featured tablet screen of cash flow.

More about the Xero and Procore integration

Procore's integration with Xero uses Procore's ERP Platform toolset to push and pull data on demand and in real time between the two systems. The integration uses Xero's API to communicate directly with your Xero instance. You will need to have the following before downloading the integration: 1/ Xero growing or established plan and 2/ Procore Project financials. Once you have the above you can download the integration from the Procore Appstore or Xero Appstore.

More about the integration and its limitations

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If you’re already using Xero and Procore, you can get the integration on the Xero App Store.

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