Accounts payable software that keeps you up to date

Reduce admin, pay your bills on time and get an overview of where your business is spending money with accounts payable software.

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Schedule payments

Spend less time on business admin by adding and approving draft bills in a simple workflow. If you have a planned payment date, easily schedule payments to individual or multiple bills.

online bill payment dashboard

See what bills are due for payment

The purchases dashboard gives you a complete overview of your bills and purchase orders. Understand and manage your cash flow with charts and graphs that show you what bills are due for payment. You’ll avoid late fees and build good relationships with your suppliers by paying your bills on time.


accounts payable report dashboard

Receive and store bills online in one location

Email bills and documents straight to your files inbox in Xero for paperless record-keeping. For simple data entry, use side-by-side files to enter your bills with the file attached.

With everything stored online in the cloud, you can access your bills at any time, from anywhere.

invoice file management dashboard

Paying the bills can be practically painless

bill payment software with repeat bill automation

Repeat and replicate bills

Save time and improve your business efficiency by setting up repeating bills. Simple accounts payable software lets you set up bills that keep recurring for as long as you choose.

Replicate your last bill from a supplier and just review, add or amend details as necessary.

Get your money back on billable expenses

On-charge customer expenses and assign any costs you can recover to the relevant customer when the bill comes in. That way, you won’t forget about them and you’ll protect your profit margin.

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