Mindset 2: It’s too risky to take a chance

Risk isn’t always a red-light.

The thought of actively embracing risks of new technology can overwhelm even the bravest of small business owners. And it’s true: change always comes at a cost. But it’s easy to forget the return on that investment - which often, on calculation, proves much larger than we might think. It all starts with one step.

Losses loom large

Time, effort, money. The costs of researching new technology are big enough – let alone adopting it. Yet those apparent losses often look bigger than they really are.

I can’t afford to lose

The benefits of new technology are a “maybe” at best – unlike the known risks of change. But inaction often conceals much greater risks that don’t emerge until it’s too late.

What if I get it wrong?

One misstep could sorely cost your business, but only if you’re reckless. Simple safeguards can help turn tech adoption from an “all or nothing” bet into a less risky process.

Show me the money

It’s hard to get over those upfront costs of tech adoption. On the other hand, what might those long-term benefits be worth? And might they kick in sooner than you think.

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