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GST returns and due dates

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GST returns and due dates

As a GST-registered business you’ll need to let the government know how much you’ve collected and how much you’ve paid. You do this by filing a GST return (GST F5).

Information you will need

In your return, you need to declare your sale of goods and services to your customers, your purchases from GST registered businesses, the GST collected and GST to be claimed for the relevant accounting periods.

It is compulsory to e-File your GST F5 return via

You can e-File your return within one month after the end of each accounting period. 

Accounting period

The standard accounting period is three months. When you receive approval of your GST registration, you’ll be given a quarterly accounting period unless you have indicated otherwise in your applicable form.

You are still required to submit a nil return even if there is no business transaction for that period. 

GST payment

If your return says that you owe GST, you’re generally required to make that payment within one month from the end of the accounting period.

If you have an existing GIRO arrangement for payment of GST, the payment will be deducted on the 15th of the following month after you have filed your GST F5.

Getting a GST refund

If you paid more GST than you collected, IRAS will owe you a refund.

Generally refunds of at least $15 are automatically refunded within 30 days from the date they arise, without the need for taxpayers to submit a claim for refund.

Refunds via GIRO can be as early as within 7 days while those by cheques may take up to 30 days. IRAS will pay interest on any late refund beyond 30 days. However there may be circumstances where IRAS is unable to automatically refund the tax credits. No interest will be payable for such cases.

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