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Xero is ready for e-invoicing using InvoiceNow. Your business can now enjoy the wealth of benefits e-invoicing offers, including less chance of your invoices being lost or misplaced, reduced manual data entry of incoming invoices or bills and, potentially, faster payment times and improved cash flow.

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What is InvoiceNow?

InvoiceNow lets businesses send and receive e-invoices directly between their accounting software systems via the Peppol network.

Unlike sending a PDF file or online invoice via email, the invoice is automatically sent to a buyer’s accounting system through the secure InvoiceNow e-invoicing network.  And as long as both the sender and receiver are using InvoiceNow-ready software,
e-invoices can be exchanged seamlessly and almost instantly.

How does InvoiceNow work in Xero?

xero online accounting


The sender creates an invoice in Xero

xero online accounting


The invoice is sent via the secure Peppol e-invoicing network

xero online accounting


The customer sees the invoice within their accounting system, ready to be approved and paid

What are the benefits of InvoiceNow?

1. Saves time

Incoming e-invoices (bills) are automatically delivered into Xero  as a draft bill so you’ll spend less time manually entering bills and have more time to run your business.

2. Get paid faster

InvoiceNow speeds up the accounts payable workflow by sending your invoice directly into your customers’ accounting software,  pre-populated and ready to be processed and paid, so you’re likely to be paid faster.

Great accuracy

3.Greater accuracy

With no manual intervention for incoming e-invoices, there’s less risk of data entry errors.  A direct exchange between accounting software means reduced manual handling for incoming e-invoices (bills), lessening the risk of mistakes.

4. Invoices won’t get lost in the mail

InvoiceNow ensures invoices are received directly into your customer’s accounting system, so they won’t get lost in the post or forgotten in your customer’s email folder.

Up-to-date books

5. Up-to-date books

Because e-invoices are exchanged in near real time, you’ll have an up-to-date view of your cash flow,  allowing you to make informed business decisions.


Register for InvoiceNow in minutes

You can only register with ONE accounting software provider for InvoiceNow. If you register Xero as your preferred InvoiceNow accounting software,  all your incoming e-invoices are delivered into Xero.  And by sending and receiving your e-invoices in Xero, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of your cash flow to help you make informed decisions.

See how to register and send invoices with InvoiceNow
Download our handy PDF guide on how to register for InvoiceNow.

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