Send and receive e-invoices with InvoiceNow

E-invoicing software like Xero lets you send and receive e-invoices between business accounting systems with InvoiceNow.

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Invoice efficiently

InvoiceNow is a quick, easy and secure way to send and receive e-invoices direct into a business’s accounting software. E-invoices are sent via the global public network, Peppol, rather than by email.

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Register for InvoiceNow

Register to receive e-invoices from other businesses with Xero. You’ll be set up in just a few clicks and it’s a free service.

Bills delivered into Xero

Receive e-invoices automatically from suppliers so there’s no need for manual data entry. View the electronic invoices in the Xero app or on your laptop, as draft bills ready for approval.

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Encourage prompt payment

Send e-invoices from Xero to your customer’s Peppol ID (i.e e-invoicing email address). Your e-invoice will arrive in their electronic invoicing system, ready for them to approve and pay.

More about e-invoicing

Register your business via Xero for e-invoicing with InvoiceNow so you can start receiving e-invoices in Xero as draft bills. InvoiceNow uses the government-endorsed global public network, Peppol, as its electronic invoice processing system.

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When you register to receive e-invoices in Xero your business information is added to the public Peppol e-invoicing network. Your business name, Peppol ID and registration date are available through the nationwide Peppol directory.

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InvoiceNow is part of a government initiative to help businesses be paid on time by improving the way they interact with each other. Through digitising and using e-invoicing software, businesses can lower their costs by improving payment times.

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A business can send e-invoices to any other business that’s registered to receive them. Both parties need to be using electronic invoicing software that’s connected to the public Peppol network. You can also send e-invoices to any Singapore government department.

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Not all invoices can be delivered via e-invoicing. When you register for InvoiceNow, you’ll still receive invoices by other means. If you use Hubdoc, you’ll be able to receive other invoices in Xero without having to enter the details manually.

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