Steven Carse of King of Pops

Steven Carse is crafting delicious popsicles across the South while supporting the Atlanta community.

King of Pops owner Steven Carse stands in front of colorful mural with yellow, blue, and orange patterns holding a popsicle.

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Hear how King of Pops came to life and how Xero is used to grow their business.

Humble beginnings

Steven Carse got the idea to make popsicles during a trip across Latin America with his brothers. That dream became reality after he got laid off from his corporate job and launched King of Pops in 2010 – selling pops out of a single pushcart.

Initially, Steven never imagined he'd be doing it for more than a year, but the business took off. The one pushcart grew to hundreds, and King of Pops quickly became a staple in the Atlanta community. You can now find their popsicles in stores across the South and at their three owned and operated popsicle bars in Atlanta.

A tricycle ice cream cart with "King of Pops" branding is parked in front of a colorful building with an open garage door.

Confidence in numbers

As the business grew, it became more complex, and Steven started looking for accounting software to help manage the numbers. He knew early on that he wanted an online solution, and after some consideration chose Xero for its simplicity and ease of use.

Steven relies on the Xero dashboard to easily track bank balances and see what money is owed. For a seasonal business like King of Pops, staying on top of cash flow is crucial, and Steven uses Xero to keep the numbers organized, giving him the confidence to make informed decisions.

King of Pops owner Steven Carse sitting down at a desk looking at a computer screen with his hands placed on a keyboard.

Growing the King of Pops footprint

King of Pops is now growing through franchising and working to expand the brand in new areas while giving people the opportunity to start their own business. Steven is building a franchise network of cartrepreneurs™ across the South with folks selling pops out of a single pushcart in their local neighborhood, just as Steven started.

When I open the Xero dashboard, I can quickly see how my bank balances are doing, what money is owed and what bills are going out, and that gives me a lot of confidence to make informed decisions.

Steven Carse, King of Pops

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