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Frequently asked questions

Gaining a Xero advisor certification will give you valuable skills that allow you to offer Xero services to clients. An accountant and bookkeeper who is a Xero certified advisor will be properly educated on the Xero platform and able to perform Xero services efficiently and effectively. As such, they’ll be able to offer a better service to clients seeking advisors proficient in Xero, and ultimately add to the existing services provided by the firm. Those who complete the course will also be awarded an official certificate that can be promoted by both the individual and the firm.

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Xero certifications are free of charge.

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Xero certification can be completed through online courses, a live webinar or a fast-track Xero advisor certification. It takes approximately 6-8 hours to gain a Xero certification.

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Xero partners receive digital badges when they reach a certain status level, or if their staff have completed Xero certification courses with specialist badges. You can use badges in physical and online marketing material to promote your practice’s Xero partner status, certification status and your individual expertise.

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