How to connect FleetCard to Xero

Connect your FleetCard to Xero to have your vehicle expense invoices flow automatically into Xero.

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How to connect to Xero

By linking your FleetCard account to Xero, you can save even more time with your fuel expenses sent to Xero each month.

Each time an invoice is generated, your FleetCard invoice data will flow straight into Xero as a draft bill. There’s no charge to integrate your FleetCard account with Xero, and no change to how you currently pay your FleetCard statement.

To connect to your FleetCard account:

  1. Log into your FleetCard account via the FleetCard website.
  2. Click ‘Connect to Xero’.
  3. Log in to your Xero Account and Select your Organisation.
  4. Select the Xero Expense Account.
  5. Select how you would like to see your invoice data.
  6. Click ‘Save Changes’.

Find out more at the FleetCard website.