Free invoice template

Download the web’s simplest invoice template and use it over and over and over again.

A laptop displaying an invoice

Download the free invoice template

Fill in the form to get a blank invoice template as an editable PDF, with how-to guide. There’s a version for GST and non-GST businesses.

Using this invoice template

Just add prices and quantities, and the template will do the maths for you.

Don’t forget the payment terms

Include notes for your customer such as due date, types of payment accepted, bank account details, and late payment fees.

Choose from two different invoice templates

We’ll send a template for businesses who are tax registered and a template for those who aren’t. Pick the one that’s right for your business and away you go.

Tips for using your invoice template

  • Include a unique invoice number. This helps you, your customer, or potentially auditors to track down specific invoices.
  • A reference or purchase order (P.O.) number can help increase the chances of it being paid promptly. Ask your customer for one or use the name of your contact person as a reference.
  • Save a copy for your tax records.
  • If you give customers 14 days or more to pay an invoice, it’s a good idea to remind them when the due date is coming up

Make invoicing simpler and faster

Invoices don’t go in the post anymore. Invoicing software speeds up every step of the process so you get paid sooner.

  • Included
    Create an invoice with a few clicks (you can even do it on your phone)
  • Included
    Add a ‘pay now’ button for customers to pay by card
  • Included
    Xero sends automatic reminders to customers as the due date nears
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Access Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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