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Get started with employee forms and onboarding

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Get started with employee forms and onboarding

Making a good first impression when you onboard any new employee is vital. You only have one chance to get it right, so make it count.

A good employee onboarding process is key to engaging your new hire and getting their commitment from the start. It helps a new employee feel welcome and valued as part of your team. Employee onboarding is more than just inductions and orientations. It’s setting expectations, building relationships, and providing support for employees to perform at their best.

Employee onboarding made easy with these checklists

Getting an employee on board can mean working through lots of to-do items. We’ve made a few handy checklists to make the process easier for you.

Top tips for a great employee onboarding experience

A great employee onboarding experience makes all the difference. Here are five tips to set your employee up for success from day one:

Great employee onboarding experience
  1. Start early: Make sure everything’s ready before your employee’s first day.

  2. Clarity is key: Give them a clear roadmap of how they can succeed at their job.

  3. Constant communication: Let them know you’re always available to answer any questions, lend a helping hand, or even just for a casual chat.

  4. Make it personal: Adding a personal touch to the employee onboarding experience can make your new employee feel valued.

  5. The little things count: From where the lunch area is to how to use the printer, providing your new employee with all the information they need – no matter how small – will help them succeed.

Chapter 7: Run payroll for your employees

Feeling lost on how to run payroll for your employees? We take you through the ins and outs of the payroll process so you can get it right.

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