Get paid faster with PayPal and Xero

Wish your customers could pay you on the spot? We’ve teamed up with PayPal to get your online payments flowing and help you see your money sooner without having to go to great lengths.

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See how Natalie Marie Fitch uses Xero and PayPal to help run her business and send online invoices.

See Your Money Sooner | Connect PayPal and Xero

Together, we’ll help your payments arrive sooner

Adding PayPal as a payment service in Xero is simple. Give your customers the option to pay through their PayPal account in just a few clicks.

PayPal is the secure payment solution behind millions of transactions every day and is a globally recognised and trusted brand. With Xero’s integration with PayPal, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world, in the currency of your choice.

Set up PayPal in minutes, save hours chasing payments

Add PayPal to Xero
Add PayPal to Xero

Connect your PayPal account to Xero with just a few clicks. You can turn PayPal on or off for different invoice themes in your payment services settings.

Send your invoice
Send your invoice

When you send your next online invoice, a Pay Now button will appear on your invoice. So, your customers can pay instantly with their PayPal account.

Receive payment
Receive payment

You choose how often payments will be deposited into your bank account.

Details updated in Xero
Details updated in Xero

When you set up a PayPal feed, your transactions are  imported into Xero each day, ready for reconciliation. And your invoices paid via PayPal are automatically marked as paid.

Get started with PayPal

It’s quick and easy to start accepting payments through PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can create one right from within Xero in just a few clicks. Then connect it to Xero and let the magic begin.

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* Average improvement for Xero users in Australia who had PayPal enabled as their payment providers between 01-07-2016 and 31-01-2018. This information is general in nature. Average invoice payment times may vary for each business using the service. Standard merchant fees apply.