NAB, Xero and you.

Your business experience made better.

We’ve teamed up with NAB to transform the way you manage your money.

With integrated banking and accounting solutions that improve your day-to-day business experience, 
accountants and bookkeepers can focus on advisory conversations, while small businesses spend more time on their business.

What's available now

Bank feeds

Plan for tomorrow with a better view of your cash flow.

Your Xero account is only as powerful as the information you put in and NAB offers the best range of bank feeds with over 35 NAB account types, including credit cards. Once reconciled, you'll get a daily up to date view of your business cash flow. The initial online set up process is simple and allows your transaction data to flow into Xero overnight. Just connect Xero with NAB Internet Banking and you're set.

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Small business finance

Small business finance made simple with NAB and Xero.

NAB offers a range of products to suit small business financing needs. And because NAB integrates with Xero, you can easily share your financial reports from Xero during the application process. Your Xero account is your best asset when applying for a NAB Quickbiz loan. Together, we’ve created an easier and more connected process so you can submit your application to NAB faster and get a decision sooner.

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Making payments

Pay suppliers and bills quickly, so you can spend more time growing your business. 

With Xero and NAB's new bills payment integration, it's now easier than ever to manage your bills. Process your bills and send payment instructions from Xero securely to your linked NAB account, then approve them directly in the NAB app. And for peace of mind, Xero will notify you of the status of your payments from within your Xero account and even mark them as paid for you when they are successful.

Xero NAB Payments pricing

  • $3 for 10 monthly transactions* (35c per transaction thereafter)
  • $10 for 40 monthly transactions* (25c per transaction thereafter)
  • $20 for 100 monthly transactions* (20c per transaction thereafter)

We are currently in the pilot phase and the Xero NAB payments pilot ends on the 17th of September 2019, at which point customers will have the opportunity to purchase one of our monthly payment tiers, as above.

*A 'transaction' is an individual payment (i.e. individual payment made for a bill). 1 batch of 20 payments for 20 bills is classified as 20 'transactions'.

Making payments


Alerts & Invoice Matching

Knowledge I've been paid at hand gives me control that helps me manage my day-to-day business better.

Know when payments arrive when you set up notifications in the NAB app. Then, easily match payments to invoices you’ve already set up in Xero. This new seamless connection will make it easier to see which invoices are outstanding and give you a clearer view of your financial position.

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Alert matching

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Important notice

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