Frequently asked questions about communicating to your Xero clients

Find out why we communicate to your Xero clients and how we share the latest resources with them.

What does the Xero newsletter to businesses that you bill for Xero include?

We select a variety of content to help small business customers with all aspects of running their business, including:

  • the latest reports and guides
  • Xero education content
  • product updates
  • case studies and customer stories
  • featured apps and more.

None of the content is advisory in nature or takes away from your role as their accountant or bookkeeper.

How many emails will they get?

Don’t worry, we won’t bombard your clients with emails. We send our newsletters monthly, and we make sure the information is useful and educational.

Can I see what you’re sending to my clients?

We’ll include a preview of upcoming content in your partner news.

Who will be receiving the newsletter?

Small business contacts who have been invited into a business edition subscription and have logged in within the last 90 days will receive the newsletter. We’ll exclude anyone who has an Employee or Read Only user role.

Why are you now directly contacting my clients?

The favourable feedback we’ve received from our small business newsletter, partner surveys, interviews, and an initial pilot show that the content we send out on a monthly basis is relevant to all small businesses, whether they’re going it alone or leading a team, and can help foster the client-advisor relationship.

Does this mean you're taking away from my value as an advisor?

Our aim is to highlight the importance of the client-advisor relationship, so we include a message in all emails encouraging your clients to reach out to you for questions, guidance and further support, as you know their business best.

What if my client wants to unsubscribe from emails?

Your client can unsubscribe from any emails via our email subscription preferences page . Only the owner of the email address can unsubscribe from communications.