Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC)

XPAC is a diverse panel of accounting and bookkeeping partners who drive conversations on strategy and industry issues.

About XPAC

A Xero partner advisor looking happy and relaxed in their office.

Through open discussions, industry insights and actionable feedback, XPAC members seek to make a difference to Australian Xero partners, small businesses and their communities.

A Xero partner advisor with their arms crossed looking happy and relaxed in their office.

Members of XPAC are bookkeepers or accountants who both challenge and champion the needs of the sector. The XPAC team is a core part of the Xero ecosystem, playing a crucial role as a consultative group of industry experts who provide real-time, real-life feedback on behalf of the industry to drive meaningful change.

A small business owner sitting on a bench on their phone, beside an image of a Xero partner advisor.

To learn more, read the Australian XPAC charter and terms of reference which outline the purpose, eligibility, roles and responsibilities of XPAC members and Xero, as well as our approach to governance. XPAC members serve a two-year term with formal meetings held every quarter, and are regularly consulted on Xero industry initiatives.

What makes a great XPAC member?

The XPAC panel is full of passionate people who are keen to represent and be a voice for the Xero partner community. They aim to create better Xero experiences and industry outcomes together. XPAC members are not shy in their opinions; they challenge Xero and their colleagues to take ownership and solve problems as a team.

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