Estimate example

Follow this example of an estimate to create your own. It shows what belongs on an estimate, and where those pieces of information go. You can copy the format for your next estimate.

Example estimate format

Estimates open with customer and supplier details, then list the goods or services to be sold. Prices are added together at the end, along with taxes if they apply.

Estimate example shows supplier name, contact details, customer name, quote number and expiry date. Can include sales tax.

Be clear if the price is tax exclusive.

Want to borrow this template?

If this estimate example looks good to you – we can send it to you as a template.

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Estimate format can make all the difference

Your estimate needs to work for you. Customers are busy and may have a lot of estimates to go through.

Yours needs to show what they get, make pricing clear, and explain any taxes. Include contact details so they can easily bring follow-up questions to you.

Put an expiry date on your estimate. You can follow up with them before it runs out, which will show that you’re keen to win the job.

Use this estimate example to format your first few and go from there. You’ll eventually want to add your own touches, like a logo. You can build your own template with quoting software.