Small business finance, made simpler

Apply for a small business loan, start-up business loan or business finance through Xero and enjoy a quick and easy application process so you can get funds sooner.

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Why go through Xero?

Your online application is automatically filled with the latest data from your Xero account, so there’s less paperwork for you and the lender to work through.

How does it work?

Start by deciding which type of finance your business needs and choose your preferred lender. Apply from the lender’s website and we’ll guide you through the steps to connect your Xero account. Once that’s done, your application will pre-fill with the latest financial information from your Xero account.

Using your advisor

If you’re not sure which lender your business should go with, or have questions surrounding your business loan or finance offer, ask your advisor about the best financing option for your business.

Meet our preferred financial services partners

Our partnerships with NAB, Moula and Waddle means applying for a small business loan or finance is straightforward. No more back and forth, saving you time.

NAB loans and finance
Get fast, unsecured business finance in 1 day.
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Business finance within 24 hours, transparent and simple.
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Flexible and on-demand lines of credit for business.
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Types of business finance available

Business loan

Borrow a sum of money for your business that you pay back over an agreed time period in a series of repayments. This is generally a medium to long-term solution.

Invoice financing

Receive payment for your business invoices straight away instead of waiting 30 days or even more for the customer to pay. This is generally a short to medium-term solution.

Business overdraft

Apply for a line of credit to access whenever your business bank account balance drops below zero. This is generally a short-term solution.

Credit card

Apply for credit up to an approved limit on a business credit card to purchase goods and services. This is generally a short-term solution.

Before you apply

Stay up-to-date in Xero

Make sure your business finances are up-to-date in Xero. Reconcile all your transactions and record all received income.

Have your Xero details handy

Know your Xero login details so you can share your financial data securely with the lender.

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Important notice

This page contains general information only and should not be taken as taxation, financial, investment or legal advice. Xero recommends that you always obtain specific and detailed professional advice about any business, lending and credit decisions.

Although Xero reviews each of the apps listed here, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app, product or service before going ahead.

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