Professional support for implementing Xero in your practice

Talk to our partner consulting team or certified practice studio partners to get the most from your investment in Xero.

A Xero partner consultant uses their laptop to talk to a new client through Xero’s implementation process.

Xero’s partner consulting team helps you get familiar with using our partner products

From Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to Xero Tax and report templates, if you want to implement Xero practice products, or run training sessions for your team, the partner consulting team is here to help.

Help is always at hand

Our professional services provide a second level of training that’s designed to take the stress out of completing tasks yourself.

From implementation to staff training and reviewing your processes, our consulting team and certified implementation partners are here to provide support.

Three reasons to implement today

  • Get the right advice. With an expert on hand to help integrate into your business, you’ll save time and avoid implementation mistakes later on.
  • Make the change with ease. Changing your way can be a challenge. We’re committed to making your transition to Xero as easy and seamless as possible.
  • Stay focused on your business. With the help of our consulting team, you’ll have more time to focus on your business while we get you up and running.

Getting started on your journey

A partner consultant makes the Xero implementation process an easy and beneficial.

From start to finish, our partner consultant team is ready to take you on your new Xero journey. Here’s just a taste of how that might look.

Scoping your requirements

Need help sorting through your practice requirements? We can help with a scoping session. This looks closely at your day-to-day workings, workflow and mindset. Together with a partner consultant, you’ll gain an understanding of what’s a good fit.

Data conversions

Bringing across data from your old platform to Xero can be tricky. But not to worry, we can help with that. From pre-conversion to post-conversion, we’ll help you determine what information is useful and how Xero can help you make sense of it all.

Committing to change

Need help explaining your switch to Xero to staff? We’ll help you communicate why the change is happening and the benefits of making it. Along the way, it’s important to catch up on what’s working, what’s not, see how you can improve, and to create an open environment where people are free to speak.

Implementation approach

We recommend rolling out your changes in a staged approach. That’s because flipping your practice all at once can be overwhelming. Our partner consulting team can work with you to determine your requirements and set out a project plan for your practice.

Getting the team involved in the early stages makes the implementation plan easier to execute, and planning it in advance is key to ensure your practice isn’t rushed along the way.

Beyond implementation

After the implementation, there are four one-hour weekly sessions to check in with the partner consulting team. As part of this, we recommend you keep a feedback log. Additionally, there are check-in sessions at three and six months to ensure the tools are being used as intended and to their full capacity.

After roughly six months you’re likely to have started seeing the efficiencies of implementing Xero tools. If not, now’s the time to review and tweak with the help of our partner consulting team.

Meet some of our partner consultants

Deciding to flip

"Sign up for the best practice webinars to get a good understanding of the products and implementation process."

Head and shoulders photo of Jo Walker

— Jo Walker

Committing to change

"It's important to have your team on board. Get them involved early so they can communicate freely about the change."

Head and shoulders photo of Paul Mustica

— Paul Mustica

Implementation approach

"Plan as far in advance as you can. Even if you’re only thinking about it now, reach out to your account manager and partner consultant now."

Head and shoulders photo of Naomi McDonald

— Naomi McDonald

Post go-live

"Have an open slate and allow everyone in the firm to contribute to feedback, it’s important for everyone to voice questions and concerns."

Head and shoulders photo of Lachlan Baxter

— Lachlan Baxter

Continued growth

"Always think about the small tweaks and adjustments you can make to improve your processes."

Head and shoulders photo of Geoffrey Pyman

— Geoffrey Pyman

Our implementation partners are here to help as well

We have a variety of certified practice implementation partners who are also here to provide guidance on implementation and managing the change. Depending on your requirements, you may be recommended to one of the below.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Our implementation partners

Get in touch with your Xero account manager and let them know:

  • what services you’re interested in using
  • your planned time of move