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Complementary to our Xero On Air content series, we held a group investor session on 16 September 2020 which included:

Executive Q&A with CEO, Steve Vamos and CFO, Kirsty Godfrey-Billy (00:04:00)
Small business financial needs with Chief Product Officer, Anna Curzon and Director of Partnerships APAC, Ian Boyd (01:15:00)
Xero product demo with Sam Thing, Partner Team Lead (02:07:30)

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Annual Meeting Recording 2020

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Annual Meeting Presentation 2020

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Investor Presentation FY20

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Annual Report FY20

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annual report
Investor briefing webcast FY20

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Hear the update from Xero's CEO Steve Vamos on Xero's full year FY20 financial and operating results:

Building momentum

Since our start in 2006, we’ve grown from a handful of small businesses in New Zealand to more than 2 million+ subscribers globally.

subscriber growth

"Our vision is to be the most insightful and trusted platform for small business"

Steve Vamos, Chief Executive Officer

Key upcoming dates

FY21 Half Year Results - 12 November 2020

FY21 Full Year Results - 13 May 2021

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