Make business travel a pleasure with Xero +

Upgrade and streamline your business travel processes. Xero is now integrated with helping small business get great prices, make bookings, control costs and reconcile credit card spending automatically.

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Check out Xero + Check in for a great trip.

Booking travel can take up to six hours per trip. Let's get that time back

Sync credit card transactions and supplier invoices with Xero

Sync supplier invoices from to Xero
Automatically reconcile travel costs sends travel invoices through to Xero, so travel paperwork is all sorted.


Let employees manage their own itinerary

Save hours by enabling employees to book their own travel within budget limits and subject to approval processes.


Keep tabs on what it’s costing

Make sure travel costs don’t get out of hand with immediate visibility of what’s being spent.


Make a smoother connection with Xero +

Big business deals and benefits at no extra cost offers smaller businesses the possibility of accessing lower prices as bulk deals. As more businesses join, is able to negotiate better deals. It's also free to make and change online bookings, you only pay if you use the services of a travel expert. dashboard

Minimal post-trip mop-up

All the travel booked in and credit card spending are automatically reconciled in Xero as Spend Money transactions. So there’s practically nothing more to do when the trip is over.

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Improved cost control, productivity and efficiency

In, business owners can set up booking rules and approval processes to keep the travel budget in check. See where your employees are at a glance – useful day-to-day and in case of health and safety concerns. And Xero crunches the numbers so the costs are visible both during and after the trip.

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Streamline every aspect of travel booking and management