File your GST return online, on time, with simple tax software

Save time, stress and penalty fees by tracking, managing and filing your GST online. Xero makes it simple to calculate and file your return directly with Inland Revenue (IRD).

Save work with electronic GST returns

Have your GST automatically calculated ready for filing direct from Xero to Inland Revenue. GST is easy when you no longer need to do manual calculations or copy figures into the return.

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Make tracking GST effortless

Accurately track and manage GST with GST reconciliations.

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Keep all your GST returns securely in Xero

Store your files and transactions safely online for easy, access from anywhere.

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"Xero calculates my GST and it’s filed in seconds, without any chance of human error – it’s accurate and easy to use. It’s one less thing I need to remember to do." – Frank Hsu of Frank’s Coffee and Eats

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How GST works in Xero

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Create and File a GST Return

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