A complete guide to hiring staff

There’s a lot to like about hiring help. But the thought probably gives you a few butterflies too. This guide takes you through the basics of recruitment, paperwork, and payroll.

Hiring can be one of the best things about business

Small business owners generally get a kick out of staffing up. We asked what they found exciting or rewarding*:


said creating jobs

* Xero Payroll Survey, 2019


said contributing to the lives of others


said getting time to focus on the big picture

...and one of the toughest things about business

More than a third (36%) said that finding the right people is now their biggest struggle (Xero Small Business Insights, May 2018).

A complete guide to hiring staff

Hiring is a big move. From setting a salary, to recruiting, onboarding, and payroll – there’s a lot to get right. Let’s walk through it.

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This guide is intended as general information only. Always check with a professional for advice.