Make accounting simpler with Xero and OCBC

You can now easily connect your OCBC account to Xero and make your business accounting much simpler.

Learn how

Using Xero and ready to connect your OCBC business account?

  1. Simply log into Xero
  2. From the Dashboard, go to Accounting, Bank Accounts, then ‘Add Bank Account’. 
  3. Search and select OCBC (Singapore), then follow the prompts.
Just follow these steps
ocbc dashboard xero

If you have any questions or issues, please visit Xero Central.

Direct bank feeds make your business life easier

Xero receives daily* updates of your OCBC business transactions while you sleep. Save time, be secure in the knowledge that your numbers are accurate, and get an up-to-date view of your cash flow.

Easy setup

It’s easy to set up your OCBC bank account in Xero. Simply enter your account details and follow the prompts to authorise the connection through Velocity@OCBC.

Accurate daily feeds

With the bank feed set up, your OCBC account transactions show up automatically in Xero every day, ready for quick reconciliation.

Up-to-date view of your cash flow

Direct bank feeds make it even easier to check your cash flow, find out which customers have paid their invoices, and see the bills you need to pay.

*Tuesday to Sunday, both days inclusive

Frequently asked questions

Get started with OCBC


Looking to open an OCBC business bank account? Talk to the team at OCBC to find out how to get started.

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