Manage your GST filing with easy-to-use tax software

Easily manage your GST F5 with Xero – IRAS compliant software that makes it easy to stay on top of your tax obligations.

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IRAS tax compliant

Prepare and save your GST F5 return & IRAS Audit File (IAF) for easy IRAS tax filing, and get peace of mind with a few clicks.

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Easily manage multiple currencies

If you produce your financial statements and GST F5 in Singapore dollars, Xero will automatically convert your foreign currency transactions back to Singapore Dollars.


Save time preparing GST online

Let Xero do the heavy lifting and calculate GST automatically for you. The GST F5 makes it simple to collect everything you need for IRAS tax filing.

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Make tracking GST easy

Accurately track and manage GST with a transparent view of your transactions and GST calculations.

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Retain your F5 in Xero

Any statements you finalise using GST F5 stay in Xero, so they’re always close at hand.

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Collaborate with your accountant

Working together with your accountant is made easy with Xero. Just invite them into your Xero organisation without leaving the office.

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Review your return with ease

Sort transactions into groups based IRAS’ filing requirements, so you can easily check your return and see what makes up each transaction.

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