Manage GST and prepare returns easily

Easily manage GST F5 returns and IAFs using IRAS-compliant software so it’s easy to stay on top of your tax obligations.

A breakdown of the transactions that make up the GST totals on a return, displayed on a tablet.

Prepare GST effortlessly

Xero records GST and includes it in GST F5 returns.

Handle foreign currencies

Xero converts transactions back to SG dollars.

Manage GST in Xero

View and adjust GST transactions and manage GST from prior periods.

Prepare GST effortlessly

Xero calculates GST on supply and purchases, and generates a GST F5 return and IRAS Audit File (IAF).

  • Standard GST rates are already set up
  • Xero automatically records GST on each transaction
  • Enter transaction amounts as GST inclusive or exclusive, or no tax
 A list of tax rates in the Xero application, with the 'Tax exempt' and 'Tax on goods' options highlighted.

Handle foreign currencies

Xero automatically includes foreign currency transactions and their realised gains or losses in GST F5 returns.

  • Include foreign currency conversion amounts with GST in invoices
  • Convert invoices, payments and bills from over 160 currencies
  • Produce financial statements and GST F5 in SG dollars
A consultant speaks to a client, with the tax rate option 'Tax on consulting' highlighted.

Manage GST in Xero

Accurately track, review and manage GST transactions in Xero, and collaborate with your advisor.

  • View the next due date and GST you owe at any time
  • Sort transactions into groups based on IRAS filing requirements
  • Check and amend the individual transactions that make up a return
The sales tax summary report in Xero, with a summary of taxes by tax component.

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Xero became a really critical tool for us as we took on more staff.

Kate uses Xero to run her business

Kate from Lune uses Xero to run her business