Small businesses


Travel platform

"When the business grew and I couldn’t keep up with all the transactions anymore, I needed an easy solution to manage my finances, and understand what we were spending on each month.

Xero allows you to get rid of all your papers and helps you keep track of all your transactions! It also syncs with so many third party providers that the platform becomes an integral part of your finances."



"Discovering that we could easily set up a Stripe payment link in our invoices and the seamless linkage with our inventory management software was ideal. We were using Wave and we realised that it couldn't receive payments. When we switched to Stripe, Xero was the way to go."


"As a start up - finance is so key, you need to know cash flow and where your money is - but this often gets neglected because you’re so busy and the finance bit is often the boring bit.

Xero keeps track of all our business finances - with one glance at the dashboard, you can track everything whichhelps you make informed and quick decisions."

Garang Grill


"I think there are a lot of small businesses especially in the F&B industry that don’t put enough emphasis on keeping good accounts. Before Xero, doing our accounts at the end of the month was an actual event - it could take two full days. Now, being able to have current up-to-date information through Xero is really such a powerful tool to have."


Relocation Service Provider

"I use my Xero account daily to keep track of the company's financial health. It gives me a snapshot of where the business stands every day. With Xero, I create a monthly overview of the business, including earnings, payments, and pending financial matters, using the company’s real-time and historical financial data. This information helps me and the company’s management to make crucial decisions, including allocating the right resources towards certain activities."

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The Floral Atelier


"I realized very early on that I needed a platform that could take care of all our financial management needs. We needed something we could use for invoicing, or payrolls, for capturing all the different sales we did. We’ve used Xero right from the start, and it’s become such an integral part of the business.

Having direct bank feeds from DBS to Xero will really make everything a more seamless process."

Accounting & bookkeeping firms

CFO Accounts & Services Pte Ltd

Chi Yih Gooi

"Because Xero is cloud-based, clients can access the information right away on their mobile phone or deskop instead of waiting for us to send them information. This has really helped our relationship with our clients.

A Xero feature that has changed the way we work is Expenses — I can upload receipts just by taking a photo and all the accounts team needs to do is reconcile them (without the need of manual data entry)."

Charles & Partners

Charles Chen

“Xero is so easy to use – if you know how to use Facebook… you’ll know how to use Xero!” laughs Charles.

Since moving to the cloud, Charles & Partners’ productivity has increased by 60%. 

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CPA Connects

Samantha Sam & Aprilina Loh

"The cloud is bringing a level of service that could never be achieved before. We are always moving so fast, and working in Xero means lower operating costs, and no worries about updates and blackouts.

We are happy that we have embarked on the journey to the cloud and this change has increased our revenue."

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Ernest Teng

"The first thing I saw about Xero was the bank reconciliation. You get real-time information being pushed into your Xero account like a bank statement.

In the past you would have to log in to your bank to extract the statement, but now you can just get it in real-time!"

"Xero’s Report Templates functionality has really speed up my client reporting process.

I would say 80% of the information is already in Xero, so I’m just doing 20% of the work, and completing the same work in less time. "

"Being a Xero partner helps us to increase our level of service to clients, and clients trust us with their books.

Moving to the cloud can come with uncertainties for a business, so they want to look for a partner that has the expertise to help them streamline their processes, before they can embrace the cloud.

Most of our clients were using desktop accounting software previously. They were spending a lot of time on manual work, doing the accounts themselves, spending too much time on a simple task. With Xero’s technology now, they save so much time — it’s a game-changer."


Dr. Konstantin Lange

By strategically implementing technology today, Osome has already automated as much as 50% of the accounting workflow. Osome has nearly 2,000 accounting clients in their portfolio who are serviced by just 30 employees in the accounting team - a significant achievement in their keeping costs to serve low.

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361 Degree Consultancy

Ken Leong

"If a traditional accountant does not embrace technology changes, they will disappear very fast. So the only way that we can survive in this Industrial 4.0 is to change, to adopt new technologies to help us. And Xero is definitely one of the technologies that we should embrace.

Our staff are honoured to achieve Xero Advisor Certification - it helps boost our confidence, and our clients feel secure when they see that our efforts are recognised by Xero on the Xero Advisor Directory."

"Xero's wonderful bank feeds feature has helped us shorten our bank reconciliation process by at least 2-3 hours per company. This was the aha moment that made us realise - we must use Xero!"

"More and more people are moving to cloud-based software. With Xero, we are able to do accounting in real-time. This means we have more opportunities to engage our clients more frequently. With that, we have built a stronger relationship with our clients, and they are much happier now!"

Xero Roadshow Asia Interviews

Mar 2017

"Xero has enabled us to provide proactive accounting in real-time, giving clients proactive advice, rather than doing accounts once a month or once a year. We now do it almost on a daily basis”

- Elaine Lim, Agere Accounting

“The trust level that is being built on Xero is quite amazing. The level of trust between us and our clients have simply gone to a different level altogether.”

- Aprilina Loh, CPA Connects

Jan 2018

"It is the exclusive use of Xero that translates to the confidence and good value that we offer to our clients.”

- Jeannie Sew, Octo

"What attracted to me most about Xero is the 800+ add-ons which allows me to have an ecosystem to customise our solution for our customers. Since changing to Xero, we are more efficient nowadays."

- Jason Pang, Accunov

Nov 2018

“Our clients love Xero, as through the software they are more connected to their business and up to date financial information at their fingertips.”

- Wei Yee Lau, Interactive Accounts

Now that we are on Xero, it’s the beginning of offering advisory services to our clients. It’s not just about the accounting, but also being able to provide business solutions.

- Mirah Agus, Beaufort Corporation

Nov 2019

"Before Xero, we were using Excel spreadsheets. Now, we have a seamless workflow of sharing information with our client."

- Pierre Vanrenterghem, Rosemont SGP

"Xero’s ecosystem is so important because it’s what helps us deliver the services our clients need."

- Julien Finet, Sleek