Junxian from Moovaz makes international relocation easy

Junxian Lee’s Moovaz uses data and technology for a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience for its customers.

Junxian Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Moovaz, showing a tablet device to a colleague while standing beside a moving van.

I use my Xero account daily to keep track of the company's financial health. It gives me a snapshot of where the business stands every day. With Xero, I create a monthly overview of the business, including earnings, payments, and pending financial matters, using the company’s real-time and historical financial data. This information helps me and the company’s management to make crucial decisions, including allocating the right resources towards certain activities.

Junxian Lee — Moovaz

You can learn more about Moovaz at their website moovaz.com.

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