Leon from LivingSeas is improving our ocean through best practice

LivingSeas’ owner Leon Boey is delivering the highest quality diving education through environmental sustainability.

Leon Boey, owner of LivingSeas, sitting on the edge of a boat in diving gear.

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I think innovation is key to any business and is what will differentiate you against competitors. We are a distributor company and have staff in three different locations, two different time zones. Hence we rely heavily on technology to ensure our business operations remain on track. I first discovered Xero back in 2008 and besides the beautiful outlook, I believe it has a lot of power behind it. My favourite Xero feature is reconciliation - it ensures that I am not missing any transactions. Having information at your fingertips is really powerful - at a glance, we know our cash flow, invoices we are owed and bills we have to pay. This is what makes a business come alive.

Leon Boey — LivingSeas

You can learn more about LivingSeas on their website livingseas.com.

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