Small businesses

A little farm on the hill

Food & Beverage

“My favourite thing about Xero is the simplicity of it - our whole business is built on the idea of simplicity, we don't like complications. We run our business on the internet. People make bookings online and they go into Xero automatically - so it just makes life much simpler for us.

Xero and CIMB bank feeds certainly helped us to have a very up-to-date picture on where we are to make the correct decisions for our business."

Accounting & bookkeeping firms

InTune Outsourcing

Claye Ventures

Ong Shee Laine

“By using Xero and connected apps, we were able to eliminate the whole process of dealing with paper documents and manual data entry altogether. This translated to 50-70% time saved. This means we can serve 2-4 times more clients. Not only that, our overall margins have also improved by at least 30% because we  shaved off unproductive manpower involved manual processes."

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Aiman Ezanee

"We want to make it scalable for our team to serve small businesses in other states of Malaysia and we can do that because the software we are using is a cloud-based solution. 

We want to become the leaders of small business advisory and in order to achieve that, we have to set the foundation right. By choosing to work with platforms that integrate with Xero, we can refer to one single source for information to advise our small business clients."

GA Digital

G&A Group

Lucas Chong

"One amazing thing about Xero is the 800+ integrated apps in the ecosystem, which has helped our clients to optimise business processes with some cost-saving tools.

We believe in order to stay updated with the competition in the accounting industry, it is essential to adopt cloud technology. With Xero, we have brought about positive changes to our customers, our staff productivity and efficiency level has increased by two-fold, and our relationship with our clients has improved with easy access to information."

InTune Outsourcing

InTune Outsourcing

Lily Yong

“We feel so lucky that we’re already on the cloud, using Xero, which has been key to sustaining our practice, staff and client operations.

In anticipation of the increased demand for bookkeeping services, we doubled down on our adoption of Hubdoc, a data automation tool which was introduced in Xero on 18 March 2020. We told our clients to courier their accounting documents to the homes of our staff members, who would then use Hubdoc to digitise and process them."

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Neutral Consulting

Neutral Consulting PLT

Ng Wing Siang

“Since implementing Xero, my team has saved at least 30% of our time previously spent on manual data entry and bank reconciliation. We now spend the extra time saved to deliver detailed analysis for our clients or turn it into an opportunity for my staff to upskill themselves personally and professionally.

Xero has supported us in working towards our new goal which is to build a collaborative relationship with our clients and to grow together with Xero advisors from other regions, including Singapore and even Australia.”

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Xero Roadshow Asia Interviews

Mar 2017

“Xero has helped me to be more available to my clients, and right now, I’m actually 100% cloud-based. It’s also very fulfilling to be able to provide that value add to the clients.”

- Kit Looi, Kit-On-The-Cloud

Nov 2018

“If you want to achieve real-time accounting, you must get on the cloud. You can’t do it in the desktop.”

- Hen Yee Goh, YYC

Nov 2019

"Being in the cloud has streamlined our workflow processes, and therefore we can spend more time advising our clients — which is what they want at the end of the day."

- Mahathir Mahzan, Mahzan Sulaiman