Clients, staff and activities in one place

Take control of the work. See all your accounting and bookkeeping practice clients, jobs, queries and alerts in Xero HQ.

See clients and activities

Access contact details, notes and work to be done.

Gather documents from clients

Send requests to collect the information you need.

Know your client base

See the apps, industries and banks clients use.

Plug in practice apps

Add third-party apps to help run your practice.

See clients and activities

Bring all your client contacts and staff details together, organise them, and see upcoming work.

  • View a list of all your Xero clients and their contact details
  • Click through to the work you need to do and see when it's due
  • Get alerted when things needs attention
An accountant looks up a list of their clients to see what actions are needed.

Gather documents from clients

Create and send requests for documents and raise queries to all your clients securely in Xero HQ and keep track of what you've asked for.

  • Use a questionnaire or template, make a request or ask a question
  • Clients receive an email alerting them to a request
  • Get notified of replies and see which requests are outstanding
A client list displays each client’s contact details and a link to their accounts in Xero.

Know your client base

Explore and get insights about your clients. Then use them when promoting and marketing your services.

  • See which industries your clients tend to work in
  • Find out which banks and what apps your clients use most
  • Get suggestions for apps to recommend to clients in different industries
An accountant chats with a client on site in the client’s workshop.

Plug in practice apps

Find apps for use in your practice that connect to Xero HQ. Add apps that automate routine tasks and make your practice more efficient.

  • Use apps to collaborate with clients, track projects and manage expenses
  • Add apps to manage workflow, tax, financial forecasting and analysis, data capture and client communications
  • Connect apps that simplify end-of-year, client proposals and payments
An accounting practice has connected Stripe, Hubdoc and WorkflowMax to XeroHQ.

More about Xero HQ

Set up a listing that lets businesses find you in the advisor directory on the Xero website. Your listing can include your practice's bank, industry and connected app experience which is drawn from the client details you’ve recorded in Xero HQ. Some criteria apply including being at least a bronze partner.

See the criteria and how to set up an advisor directory listing

Set up report templates in Xero HQ (or in Xero Practice Manager) for all your staff members to access. Use report templates to run powerful customised reports for your practice. Produce reports for different clients while letting each organisation keep using their own chart of accounts.

See how to access report templates

Import all your clients from Xero Practice Manager when you're starting to use Xero HQ. Any potential duplicates are identified so they can be merged.

See how to import clients from Xero Practice Manager

Join the partner program and get Xero HQ for free

Xero HQ is free for all accounting and bookkeeping practices who are members of the Xero partner program.