Funding through the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)

The Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) is a Hong Kong government program that has been set up to support private enterprises. This means they can continue their business and services through the adoption of IT solutions, including Xero. Xero is an approved IT service provider of D-Biz.

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What is the D-Biz Programme?

COVID-19 has brought about economic disruption on an unprecedented level worldwide. Not only has this put the modern workplace arrangements to the test, it has created an even more compelling reason for businesses to accelerate the pace at which they are transforming their business practices and culture.

Under the Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched the D-Biz Distance Business Programme to support enterprises to continue their business and services during the epidemic. The Programme provides funding support through fast-track processing for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business. 

Applications are open from 18 May to 31 October 2020. 


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Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How do I sign up for the D-Biz Programme?

You can apply for the D-Biz Programme here. Please read the "Guidance Note" carefully, and prepare the e-copies of the relevant supporting documents, to make the application process more efficient. The D-Biz Programme only accepts online applications. 

Question 2: Who is eligible for the D-Biz Programme?

All private enterprises (except listed companies, statutory bodies and NGOs funded by the Government), are eligible to apply. Qualified enterprises must have a valid Business Registration Certificate with business commenced before 1 January 2020 and have substantive business operation in the related industry at the time of application.

Question 3: What is the funding amount?

For each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for the employees, the funding ceiling is HK$100,000 per project category (with funding for the relevant training expenses capped at 10 percent of the IT solution cost).

  • Each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000 to undertake a project to be completed within six months.
  • An enterprise will be disbursed a payment of 30% of the funding amount after the application has been approved.
  • Upon completion of the project and after the supporting documents are accepted, the remaining funding amount will be disbursed to the enterprise.

Question 4: What category does Xero fall under?

Under the categories of applicable IT solutions under the Programme, Xero falls under 'Online/cloud-based financial management systems'.

Question 5: Is Xero eligible under the D-Biz Programme?

Yes, Xero is eligible for application under the D-Biz Programme and falls within the ‘Online/cloud-based financial management systems’ category of applicable IT solutions. To apply for the D-Biz Programme, just follow the instructions and guidance in Question 1 above. 

Question 6: Can I apply for more than one IT solution under the Programme?

Yes, you can. Each IT solution needs to be independent. For example, if you apply for both an e-commerce solution and an accounting software under the Programme and only the accounting software is approved, you can still use the approved accounting software on its own.

Question 7: Where do I find more information?

For more information about the Programme and how to apply, please visit:

You may also email HKPC at or call them at 2788 5070.

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$ 99 USD / Month