How to hire employees

Hiring help can improve your business, and your lifestyle. But it’s a big process. Here are the main things to keep in mind.

An interview between employer and potential hire

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What’s involved in hiring employees

Check out these tips for hiring, onboarding and paying an employee, while keeping everyone happy.

  1. Know your employer responsibilities

    You have a duty of care to your employees. Get familiar with your employer responsibilities before you start the hiring.

  2. Register as an employer

    You’ve considered the position you want to fill and your own responsibilities. It’s time to register as an employer.

  3. Write a job description

    You want the perfect employee. They want the perfect employer. Find out how to write a job description that stands out.

  4. The recruitment process

    Now the applicants are lining up. So how do you sort through them all and select the best fit for your business?

  5. Employee onboarding

    Employee onboarding is more than orientation. It’s setting expectations, building relationships, and providing support.

  6. Run payroll for your employees

    Paying your employees right is essential. It’s also a legal requirement. Let’s take a look at the payroll process.

  7. Manage employee evaluations

    Your employees need support too. They need to know if they’re on the right track. Employee evaluations help with that.

  8. Tools and guides for your business

    Now that you’re an employer, you want to strengthen your business. Xero’s got resources and solutions to help.

Why Xero knows how to hire employees

Xero is home to millions of small businesses, who use our software to run their finances, accounting (and sometimes payroll). About 200,000 accountants and bookkeepers use us too. We asked some of those owners and experts how to hire employees, then put their answers

What’s it like being an employer?

Ever wondered how hiring an employee will change things? Here’s what small businesses say:

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    40% of employers have invested their own money to pay employees (Xero, Australia, 2019)
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    82% of very small business owners do payroll themselves (Xero, UK, 2019)
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    32% of employers have made a payroll mistake at least once (SurePayroll, US, 2019)

Handy resources for hiring businesses

People who are hiring employees often these resources helpful.

Payslip template

Create an easy-to-follow record of pay and deductions for your employees.

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Cash flow forecast template

Fill in this template to see if you’ll have enough cash for payroll.

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Payroll with Xero

Learn how Xero can help with your payroll requirements

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