State of accounts Tech is transforming South African accounting

We surveyed hundreds of accountants and business owners across the country about the influence of technology on accounting. Here’s what we found out…

Businesses want accountants with tech smarts

Our SA State of Accounts report found that the vast majority of SMEs would prefer to work with tech-savvy accountants.

Businesses want accountants with tech smarts

Technology improves responsiveness

Almost three quarters of accountants believe technology plays an important role in allowing them to supply advice based on real-time information.

Training is a foundation for the future

80% of accountants understand that they’ll need to undertake training in the next five years to adapt to technology.

training is a foundation for the future

Accountants need to transform their offering

Almost a third of SMEs don’t think they’ll need an accountant in a decade. Compliance work isn’t cutting it as a proposition.

accountants need to transform their offering

Added value is no longer optional

62% of SMEs say added value is an important factor in choosing an accountant. But how can accountants find the time to provide it?

The door is open for advisory roles

Almost two thirds of SMEs name accountants as their most trusted advisors – the opportunity to deliver advisory services is huge.

More spare time means better service

More than 90% of accountants think they could add more client value with more spare time each day.


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Source: An online survey was fielded to 600 accounting professionals and small business owners in South Africa by World Wide Worx in April 2017.