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The Xero Small Business Insights programme looks at the sector's health, which is drawn from data collected from hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The programme releases a monthly index, as well as reports and multimedia about the small business economy.

Xero Small Business Index

The Small Business Index, part of Xero Small Business Insights provides a regular, easy to understand reading on the overall state of small businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. One key figure will show improvements or declines in the performance of small businesses relative to the previous month. To understand more about this single index approach, check out this video, read a more in-depth explanation here and the methodology of the index here.

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Xero Small Business Insights Special Reports

Take a deep dive into small business with data that reveals unique insights and analysis. 

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Jobs report

This report looks at how small business jobs were affected by the pandemic. It looks at five of the key economies where Xero operates (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States) and at what stage of the job recovery they’re currently in. 

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Pandemic insights

This report shows what has happened to small businesses in NZ, Australia and the UK, as well as a look at North America and Asia from the onset of the pandemic until now. These early lessons can help guide government policy over the coming months so it supports the small business recovery around the world.

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Emotional Metrics

Our September 2020 paper goes beyond the numbers and statistics by highlighting the emotional state of mind of small business owners around the world. By understanding their sentiment and well being during this crisis period, there can be better support to manage the human impact of this pandemic.

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To understand more about Xero’s Small Business Index and the measures that support it, watch the video below. 

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Good days and bad days

Small business is not always smooth sailing. There are good days and bad days which is a normal part of the business journey. A key insight is to understand the mindset of small business owners, what they do to overcome those dark days to get to the good ones. We spoke to small business owners around the world to get a better understanding and found the common trait amongst them is their adaptability.


Good days, bad days

Launched 14th of September

Watch here


Tilmann, US

Launched 21st of September

Watch here


Jessica, UK

Launched 28th of September

Watch here


Dua, AU

Launched 5th of October

Watch here



Cenmar, US

Launched 12th of October

Watch here


Cat, NZ

Launched 19th of October

Watch here


Rachel, Singapore

Launched 26th of October 

Watch here


Jenny, UK

Launched 2nd of November 

Watch here

A step change in technology adoption and use

In an increasingly connected world, understanding how digital technologies can support small businesses achieve their potential, as well as boost economic growth and productivity overall is of critical importance. Firstly for the benefit of small business owners to ensure their ventures flourish, but also for those that aim to support them, from their advisors to policy makers, government and big business.

The human barriers to technology adoption

Xero has harnessed the power of behavioural science to produce a global landmark study on the behavioural barriers small businesses face in adopting technology and how to help them to overcome these.

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