Guide to growing your business

Business running smoothly and ready for a new challenge? Learn what goes into growing a business.

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Ideas for growing a business

Check out some of the common approaches business owners use to reach new markets and drive up revenue.

What is business growth, anyway?

For many people, growing a business means growing revenue. But there’s also profit growth. And some people just want doing business to be easier and more efficient. What you mean by growth will determine how you grow your business.

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    51% want to grow
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    48% want to increase
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    89% want to be more efficient

Growth might just happen. But you will most likely have to take some risks. 27% are prepared to take risks.

Source: Hearts and Minds, Xero, 2017

What’s the plan?

How will you grow your business? No, really – a plan would be a huge head start on the competition.

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    22% of businesses don’t have plans

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Handy resources for growing a business

Since you’re wondering how to grow a business, you might find these resources helpful.

Business plan template

Use one of these templates to help get your growth plans out of your head.

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Guide to hiring

Ready to take on employees to help your business grow? Read our guide to understand the steps.

Read the hiring guide

Guide to finance

Need a few extra bucks to get growth underway? Learn about your options.

Read the finance guide

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