Support women’s football in your area

Xero is helping grassroots women’s football grow. You can help too by supporting your local football club.

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Why support your local club

Many clubs operate at a loss

According to FIFA’s Benchmarking Report from 2021, 70% of women’s football clubs operate at a loss.

Most support is by busy volunteers

Clubs are often supported by volunteers and parents who are short on time.

Managing club finances is a pain

Managing club admin and finances is a key pain point. More time on the books can mean less time on the field.

Build awareness of your firm

Supporting a local club helps build awareness of your firm amongst the community. It shows that you care.

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How you can support a club

You could donate your time on an ad hoc basis, or offer short sessions to help them get familiar with the basics.

Encourage staff to volunteer

You can support your local club by providing opportunities for employees to volunteer.

Offer Xero at a discount

Help football and soccer clubs with Xero’s not-for-profit discount of 25% off Xero.

Sign a club up to Xero

Recommend apps that can help clubs

Advise clubs on business apps that connect with Xero, designed to help them streamline their admin.

See our collection of apps for clubs on the Xero App Store

Make a cash investment

You could offer a cash investment in exchange for visibility of your brand.

A coach points to a blackboard which has a picture of a football fields and a series of player moves

Connecting with a local club

Plan and prepare first

Have a clear idea of what you’re offering and what you’re seeking before you make an approach.

Talk to your team

Ask if anyone is already involved in a local club. If not, consider if you want to make an impact in your immediate area or somewhere new.

Think about anything you'd like

Perhaps it’s your logo on the front of shirts, signage at the club house or around the ground, or placement in club newsletters.

Use social media to make contact

Often clubs have social media pages, which can provide a direct way to start a conversation. Or do a search to find contact details.

A supporter brings a bag of hotdogs for the players.

Share the news and show your support

You can download resources for use in promoting your connection to the club and showing your support for it. Just fill in the form below.

Get access to these resources:

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Access the resources

Enter your details to access resources that can be used to show support of the club you’ve partnered with.