Ong Shee Laine and Claye Ventures

Claye Ventures (now Centry) was able to emerge against competition by utilising the agility that the cloud allows.

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Getting from one to Xero

Starting out as a freelancer, Shee Laine kept her business and clients together using traditional solutions, which were inflexible and unscalable. She soon realised that this traditional way of working was inhibiting her from achieving greater efficiency, effectiveness and growth.

When Shee Laine discovered Xero in 2019, she knew her dream of offering a digital client experience could become reality. With this vision in mind, she launched Claye Ventures into a full-scale accounting practice.

Ong Shee Laine in the Claye Ventures office.

By using Xero and connected apps, we were able to eliminate the whole process of dealing with paper documents and manual data entry altogether. This translated to 50-70% time saved. This means we can serve two to four times more clients. Not only that, our overall margins have also improved by at least 30% because we shaved off unproductive manpower involved in manual processes.

Ong Shee Laine, Claye Ventures

You can find out more about Claye Ventures (now Centry) on the Centry website.

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